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Solutions by LevAir

LevAir are striving to be leading independent specialists in the design, installation, (LEV) COSHH testing & maintenance of Vehicle Exhaust Extraction, Welding Fume / Dust Extraction, Grinding Dust Extraction, Process Fume Extraction, Bodyshop Dust Extraction and Woodworking Dust Extraction systems.

We have achieved over 20 years combined experience within the Industrial, Woodworking, Pharmaceutical, Emergency Fire and Automotive Workshop markets.
We specialise in providing bespoke system solutions to meet individual customers specific requirements and have gained extensive experience in the collection, removal and filtration of airborne particulates from smokes, gases, fumes, mists, dusts and vapours.

Meet the team

Richard Qua

Richard Qua has 18 years experience in LEV applications and installations of all system types, from small engineering workshops through to leading pharmaceutical complex dust extraction systems. Richard also has a wealth of experience and knowledge designing and implementing exhaust extraction systems from car workshops to large locomotive systems.

Contact Details

p. +44 (0) 7879 335 377