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Central and portable vacuum systems

LEVAIR partner with Dustcontrol to provide the full range of central vacuum systems.

Central Vacuum System

Dust/Chip Extraction – Cleaning – Material Transportation

To size systems you need to consider a few things:

  • how many operators/machines
  • for what type of operations/ what kind of material is being picked up
  • how many are working and using the system at the same time
  • what distance does the material have to travel
  • do you need to recover the collected material – preseparator
  • how often would you like to empty the waste – container/bag/bucket/
  • maintenance needs
  • sound sensitivity – placement of central unit
  • do you want one big system or many smaller ones

We design the system to meet your needs.

We can also provide a fully customized solution at a competitive price. At Dustcontrol we have an extensive experience in designing and constructing innovative customised solutions ensuring that we can provide a high level of system integration and customer value.

Cen Vacum

Central Vacuum System

LEVAIR can provide a portable vacuum for all applications, this includes the full range of accessories.

Mobile Dust Extractors

Capturing dust at the source

Whatever material, dust, chips or fumes you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions.

Dust capturing at the source:

  • where it is created,
  • when it is created,

is our specialty.

Dustcontrol supplies mobile dust extractors and central high vacuum extraction systems to help companies wordwide to achieve cleaner and more efficient production, as well as improved product quality.

Our product range comprises mobile dust extractors for industrial and construction usages, liquid extractors, pre-separators, air cleaners, central vacuum systems, discharge arrangements and accessories. Dustcontrol supplies a complete range of dust collector products and accessories for large and small companies in many industries.

Dustcontrol has over 40 years experience in developing products on special order. Special orders are often a necessity for stationary casings in e.g. printing machines, food processing machines, and other automated production lines.